February at BFDC...

The planets have aligned to make this month one of the biggest and best of the book fair year. From Miami to New York, from Pasadena to San Francisco, Oakland to Seattle and back down to LA, we've got fairs specializing in maps, in paper and prints, in postcards, in artists' books, in antiquarian books, and in the book arts, too! Try and hit 'em all, if you dare!


CODEX comes but once every two years, and is hard to describe — it's more than a book fair, more than a conference: It's a celebration that takes place in an immense space filled with color and light and a creative energy that will renew your faith in the enduring power of the hand-made book. (Drink the kool-aid — get it HERE!)

The Book Elves Make 'Art'

Not to be outdone by the book artists at CODEX, the Book Elves have been indulging recently in a rash — er, a "variety" — of artistic pursuits. Their work has had some critics (the Trustees of the Smith College Museum of Art used the harsh word “vandalism” when they woke one morning to find... (CONTINUE READING)

Greenwich Village

One of our favorite fairs (in the charming West Village), and now set to be better than ever due to a snazzy new management team... (LEARN MORE)