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Long Island Fair

Broadway shows have out-of-town tryouts on their way to the big dance; why shouldn't New York book fairs have them too? Ah, but they do! The week before Rare Book Week in New York rolls out the red carpet and lights up the strobe lights, the Long Island Book Fair kicks the whole thing off!


You're at a book fair. You think you've spotted a steal. You whip out your phone to check online. Rats! No hits! Now what? Heigh-yo, Silver!* ABPC rides to the rescue! Auction records culled by real people — and, for when you're really stuck, real people who (cheerfully) answer the phone, too!

New New York Book Fair

Rare Book Week in New York welcomes a new addition to the plethora of book-ish events taking place in the Big Apple the second week of April: The NEW YORK CITY BOOK AND EPHEMERA FAIR (or, as we've taken to calling it around here, The New New York Book Fair!)