May at BFDC...

Ah, May. If you live in the Northeast, 'tis the cruelest month, indeed, without a single book fair in view. On the other hand, if you're nearer the middle of the country (in St. Louis, say, or Houston), May's a time for great rejoicing! (And, if you're on a coast and just want to go rub shoulders with non-antiquarian book lovers, you're also in luck, with a pair of LITERARY FESTIVALS bookending the nation.)


You're at a book fair. You think you've spotted a steal. You whip out your phone to check online. Rats! No hits! Now what? Heigh-yo, Silver! ABPC rides to the rescue! Auction records culled by real people — and, for when you're really stuck, real people who (cheerfully) answer the phone, too!

Granite State Book Fair

Thankfully for those of us on the coasts, June is just around the corner. And that means the GRANITE STATE book fair (a perennial crowd-pleaser) is waiting in the wings!

Not near a fair? You can still visit the 450+ booksellers of the ABAA at Home. Here you'll find rare books, maps, documents, prints, posters, ephemera, plus a lively blog and lots of other great bookish tidbits!