It's been quite a year at BFDC...

...And we apologize to all and sundry for our absence. The hiatus is over, however, and we're back at work, scouring the interwebs for antiquarian book fairs, both virtual and in-person.

We are so grateful, here at BookFairs.Com, for the patience and fortitude of all of our patrons, sponsors, and colleagues.



We're thrilled to report that the Vermont Antiquarian Booksellers Association is throwing their Summer Show IN REAL LIFE (woo-hoo!) What better than Vermont in August than Vermont in August AT A BOOK FAIR!!?!!


We missed it this year, but our calendar is marked for next! The Twin Cities Book Fair is a must-visit, if you're anywhere near the Upper Midwest!

Ephemera Society

After a year of perfecting the virtual book fair, veteran book fair promoter Marvin Getman has decided to make them a regular, possibly permanent, fixture. As he says, "the world is our marketplace" — and we say, more power to him! Next up, the Ephemera Society's Online Offering.

We continue to wish health and well-being (mental and physical) to all our readers. The internet provides many opportunities for staying in touch with the wider book family. Use these links to find BOOKS, browse bookish ORGANIZATIONS, or just explore neat LINKS we've discovered in our travels.

Meanwhile: Help us help the book community stay current — email us at EDITOR@BOOKFAIRS.COM if you hear of changes to the book fair and literary festival schedule.

And, please. Be safe out there.